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We connect your POS with your Virtual Shop, you will open to all the world 24h per day all the year!

Design of Web Pages: Eyewitness Web, Professional Web, Business Web, Personalized.

Web Positioning, Promotion and Advertising Campaigns of contents in internet.



– Registration of domains and recruitment of web housing (Professional hosting Server).
– Registration of domains: .es .cat .org .net .com
– Promo Web, Adwords and Discharge in Searchers.
– Optimizing and discharging Web Pages in Google from hospital.
– Promotion and Advertising Campaigns of contents in internet.
– Advice to obtain yield of visits / economic of Web Pages.
– Going out in First Position in the searchers.
– Renewal, Redesign and Maintenance of Portals and Web Pages.
– Rental System of Web Pages.
– Business Rental, Professional Rental.
– Web applications.
– Virtual Store On-Line.
– Translation into all the languages.
– Shipment of and-mailings massive (mailing for electronic mail) – Aparador Virtual.
– Property Management
– Bandage of products for internet – Ecommerce.
– Digital Professional Photographic Reports.
– Virtual Tour of 360th (Seen Virtual Photography ).
– Panoramic Photographs of 180º.
– Bank of Photographs and Images for purchasing and bandage with rights of use to use in publicity.
– Blog of Photographies (Nikon).
– Computer graphics (perspective, interiors, industrial planes) of High Quality.
– Graphic animation, 3D and Creation of every type of Drawing.
– Projects of Edition and Filming of Multimedia Video (Streaming).
– Graphic Design for Publicity and Marketing in general.
– Management of Printing / Digital Impression, Offset…

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