What are Techni-Web franchises?
Techni-Web chose the franchising method to make know its products under the premise that the more people collaborate in Techni-Web’s applications design, the more these will adapt to customers needs. Franchises have rights over the source code, and can modify it and create new modules for commercialization.

What are the necessary conditions to create a Techni-Web franchise?
Techni-Web franchises get an exclusive area where to distribute and commercialize their products. The first requirement is that the area of interest, (national or international) is available, or, the franchise managing it at that moment wants to be a master and transfer rights and source code to a determined zone.
Techni-Web offices are not designed for la attention to the public, for this reason there is no need for a commercial on the street or in a commercial centre.

For which type of activity Techni-Web designs software?
Techni-Web has to the moment a products portfolio of more than fifty activity sectors. Installations realized to the moment have been all a success story. Some sectors include: hostelry, ice-cream, cafés, restaurants, nocturnal entertainment, sports clubs, textiles retailers, alimentation, spare part y hardware shops, bakery, furniture, perishable shops, supermarkets, paper retailers… The success formula for Techni-Web Software is based on a user interface that allows adapting to any type of business that needs an element of the type cash-register.

Similarly, Techni.-Web has also specialized in designing software fit to control chains of the same activity or multiple businesses, making that with the same application it is possible to manage multiple business units.

Experience gathered during more than 7 years of Techni-Web getting information over different sectors, makes that now it has accumulated a big amount of modifications and configurations that can be applied to each individual customer. Techni-Web has given a lot of importance to creating links with its end-users in order to learn from them to make the right choice in creating the suitable solution for every need.

How can I contact Techni-Web?
Contact the head office and we will put you in contact with the nearest Techni-Web dealer or franchise to you.

Do I need to update the software each year?
No, once the software gets configured in accordance with your specifications, the program functions alone. Only when you need to modify the program for reasons of activity change, operability or working system, then you need to update the software.

What guarantees of functioning Techni-Web gives me?
Techni-Web guarantees that both the installer and the dealer making the installations are totally qualified. Techni-Web organizes regularly seminars for its dealers where they are taught the technical features and particularities of each program and the different types de possible installations.