distribuidor techni-web

Distributor of Software

The main operating system franchise sale of our software is through the distributor, which is why we continually look for new distributors to cover the areas that still are not. Thus, commercial distribution is done by the distributors.

The POS market is experiencing a time of change, driven by technological innovations and the transformation of the demand of the trade and restaurants. These “new times” are creating a new concept of TPV, away from consideration based on classic hardware (the classic cash register), to approximate the desired formula that sums the technological solution to software and hardware is supplemented by services.

For industry representatives, the professional channel will remain essential to reach the small and large account. However, in this new market landscape not just any dealer. The manufacturers consider that only the most prepared to change their business model and engage with your brand will survive in this new POS market.

Techni-web select, shape and power distributors in your network to enhance the product, added value services and assist in the evolution toward the best practices of each industry or sector. Our product philosophy is clear: a vertical software with lots of options, covering standard needs of the client if the client wants some additional functionality or customization for your company, you will be budgeted separately and will result in improvements throughout the Techni-web network.

If you are motivated, identify yourself with our philosophy and can provide the network with value, please he gets in touch with us in the telephone +34 972 40 00 71 or for electronic mail: comercial@techni-web.es