Techni-Web is a company formed by Micromar and Techni-web. Micromar was founded in 1975, which supports us experience in the world of POS Software and Hardware. Specializing in computer network facilities and hardware.Techni-web was founded in 1997 with the clear aim of developing all-around business management software solutions. In 1999, the company flag product was introduced to the world: tpv tactil. Mainly aimed to retail and food and beverage business; in few months it was made clear that tpv tactil had become market leader in features and capabilities, already being ready for the euro conversion change. Following this SuitERP was launched as complete solution for business management, includingdmodules like ERP and CRM.

In 2001 the first Techni-Web franchise was opened. Techni-Web adopted the franchise method to distribute its software all-around and to improve the closeness to our end consumers. Thanks to this strategy, Techni-Web not only has international presence but also has and international team of programmers working in different solutions all over the world. This is what we call Distributed Development, which allows us to undertake different sorts of projects at the same time.

Techni-web’s expansion carried on, being present in different national an international fairs such as SIMO in Madrid,CeBit in Hannover, Hostelco in Barcelona and SIF Velencia.

Relying on our own R+D team, we use the latest technology on the market to make sure our costumers are delivered with a quality product and an outstading after sale service. Techni-Web was awarded in year 2001 with the Best Innovation Product by the Madrid Restaurant Owner Association.

Taking the human capital we have and with a great deal of technologic mean, we have succeeded in offering a full service to our costumers, absolutely matching our software quality standards. Our goal has always been ourcostumers satisfaction. Our best sales force are our final consumers.

Work System:

Techni-Web bases its methodology and business philosophy on work in group, where there stands clearly the importance of communication, a highly important factor in current times.

Information begins to circulate through the entire Techni-Web network, i.e.between Techni-Web, franchisees and dealers.

This occurs on-line between franchisees and Techni-Web to make all problems and solutions well known and this way different modules give satisfaction to customers.

Our ideal for work in group is based upon:

•  Active participation of franchisee.

Each franchise can improve new modules or create new ones, all applied changes will be reported to Techni-Web that will transmit it to the whole network, making the franchise obtain some benefits

•  Area Exclusivity for the franchise.

Franchises make part of the same team, so there will have no competition between them: each one will have its own area; dealers will also belong to the same area.

• Independence of the franchisee

Working in group does not mean lack of freedom for the franchisee . This way, the franchisee is an independent entrepreneur for the franchiser, in all that concerns the actual management of business

•  The minimum team

For a new franchise to open, it needs at least: a manager/commercial and two programmers.

•  Tools to work together

Last generation computers and an internet server, is the minimum that a franchise needs to work adequately.

Techni-Web Micromar invited to venture from their business in a simple and direct way, to offer a full equipment of the highest quality, in order to feel satisfied that they have trusted us.

More than 40 years advising the best for each of our customers and make the most out of all your machines.