Techni-Web has sold 5% stake in the company to pioneer investor Natural Gas particular. The company is valued at more than one million euros, and is planning a capital increase to fund investors that the growth of structure, a fact that will double turnover in 3 years. Techni-Web is willing to sell up to 20% in order to invest in R & D & I applicableto the market to become a benchmark in the world of enterprise software. She has already won several awards for innovation, especially in the field of new technologies for the hotel, which has 60% of its customers. The software istranslated into 5 languages and actulamente working on translations into Chinese and Arabic. These factors very wellpositioned to Techni-Web to keep growing at national and European level.

The efforts are mainly focused on the professional channel, franchisees and distributors. To extend these webresources selected Techni-new franchisees and dealers working in areas of the Basque Country, Salamanca, Galicia, Extremadura, León, Burgos, Zaragoza, Murcia, Canary Islands. The ideal candidate is a company withcustomer base, which is dedicated to the retail sale of computers, cash registers or POS’s touch, with extensive contacts in your area. Techni-web offers the most competitive solution for the management of restaurants, clubs, hairdressers and other businesses.

Palafrugell. May 26, 2005

Technological innovation and the globalization of the economy come to Palafrugell.

The development of new technologies applied to traditional commerce is no longer science fiction for “pimes” and small businesses.

Some of these new ways of conducting business are born very close to our home in Palafrugell is an example.

Techni-Web, founded in 1997 dedicated to Palafrugell the development of management software for small businessesand SMEs, 2 years ago decided to do what nobody had done before: give the source code of their programs to other companies under a franchise.

Although franchising is a form of economic activity increasingly implemented in our country, the fact that a software company delivers its “raw material” to third parties is an innovative practice. Typically, companies that develop software are very wary of sharing their knowledge with others, and that amounts to deliver competitive advantage to potential competitors.

“Our source code is designed so that more people involved and improve it, the more you can improve,” says JosepLluís Màrtir, founder and father of the idea of franchising the source code. “What for others is a threat of destruction tous is a unique opportunity to raise awareness about the program and its potential applications. At this point, there is almost no industry that can benefit from our management system. “”If we had not decided to give our source code,only we had aspired to a local and limited product. Our franchisees are the primary source of idees and product improvement, “said Màrtir.
“Why franchise software? Since it allows, under a confidentiality and exclusivity clause, which the franchisees to market our products, and each time one of their customers ask for a new variant of the program, they themselves can develop. Just as no two clients are alike, no two versions of the same, and we are already about 2500 licenses sold. “
Recientemente, Techni-Web ha realizado el segundo curso de formación para franquiciados internacionales. “El cursillo ha sido un éxito rotundo. Hemos tenido a nuestros franquiciados de Bulgaria, Dinamarca e Irlanda, que han aprendido las claves para modificar el programa por ellos mismos, así como las ventajas que sus redes comerciales tienen que comunicar para vender el producto” comenta Adrià Massaguer, International Franchise Manager, encargado de la expansión internacional y de la buena marcha económica de la empresa.
Recently, Techni-Web has conducted the second training course for international franchisees. “The workshop has been a resounding success. We’ve had our franchise in Bulgaria, Denmark and Ireland, who have learned the keys tomodify the program for themselves, and the advantages that commercial networks must communicate to sell the product, “says Adrià Massaguer, International Franchise Manager, responsible international expansion and goodeconomic progress of the company.
But not all aspects of the future are clear to Techni-Web. The increasing pressure on real estate along the CostaBrava makes the company responsible for proposing solutions to the lack of space to other small businesses have already adopted. “If governments do not cooperate so we can keep our headquarters in Palafrugell in a period of 12 months, we will have to ask the company to migrate to locations where we facilitate the development of our economic activity,” said Massaguer.

Currently, the work of Techni-Web can be experienced at numerous small shops, restaurants, commercial and manufacturing companies.

The next time you see a touch screen in a restaurant or a hairdresser, you could be seeing the future that is built on our house.

Course Techni-Web franchises with franchisees of Denmark, Ireland and Bulgaria.

Techni-Web comes to the dozen Franchises

On July 7th Valencia materialized in the creation of Web Techni-Valencia, 10 th franchise new franchise system Techni-Web software.

The creation of the tenth franchise Techni-Web is the result of an existing relationship between Pimemática andTechni-Web Franchise SL So far, Pimemática acted as distributor Techni-Web software for the area of Valencia after being contacted for the first time at the fair SIMO 2004.

The new franchise Techni-Web Valencia will have a team of 3 persons, José Manuel Gisbert Valencia, as “manager-commercial” and two programmers.

Techni-Web Valencia aims to collect the testimony of other franchises Techni-Web of the same characteristics: a governing body with experience in the software industry and information technology, a catchment area with high population density, i completely overturned a regional economy in the service sector. Valencia Techni-Web exclusive geographical area will the provinces of Valencia and Castellon.

Sources with the National Statistics Institute, the exclusive geographic territory Valencia Techni-Web there are currently more than 75,000 companies that can benefit from the services of Techni-Web solutions.

Also, Techni-Web Franchise expected that the incorporation of a new partner in the franchise chain contributes to increasing the already vast portfolio of IT solutions.
José Luis Màrtir, Managing Director of Techni-Web Franchising, said: “Valencia is a key factor in the growth pattern.The substrate of Valencia is ideal for the emergence of a strong franchise that can position our products in front of themarket. And having been Pymamática our business partner for nearly a year, no better than they do, is to start by the franchise. “”Our goal at the strategic level, we establish in northern Spain, where we have been very well received at the distributor but still no relief. Once undertaken Basque Country and Galicia, the four corners of Spain will have atleast one reference franchise next to them. “