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Techni-web has a wide range of terminals and peripherals of Point of Sale to its arrangement. Company consolidated in Spain as one of the leaders in the sector, which fabricates and imports a whole great variety in POS.



POS Micromar 2020

It is an elegant and compact integrated POS. Suitable for a range of applications from retail and hospital use. It is undoubtedly a terminal “All in One” to be considered for the business. POS Touch 15 ” Reduced Size: 35×30 cm Customer Display: 2×20 and integrated thermal printer 3 “auto court dual Core Options: – Fingerprint reader. – Barcode reader – Magnetic Stripe Reader – Wi-Fi

Olivetti Explora

POS Olivetti Explora

It is a new multifunctional POS Fanless Touch Dual core high performance and unique design. With its attractive and sleek design, is an ideal POS trendy shops and restaurants and hotels. It combines energy savings with the high performance required for advanced applications. Quiet, reliable and likely to be installed in wall using VESA system also provides great strength and protection against dust and liquids to meet the highly demanding IP65 standard. · Elegant and unique design · Dual core fanless touch POS · Advanced features thanks to its multiple ports for peripherals +Info Software



Orderman Sol

. Tactile ultra-flat Terminal of hand. . Intelligent Design optimized for the gastronomy. . Sensor of position for an automatic gyration of the screen of 180th and the commutation to Standby. . Robust exterior casing, watertight to the water and to proof|test of knocks. . Screen SMELL diamond of 4.3″ with automatic regulation of the luminosity. . Slot for Micro SD cards. . Great duration of the battery until 18 hours. FUNCTIONALITY . To Create or to modify an order of a table. . To Print the account (pre tiquet) of the table. . To Send a message to a printer. . Synchronized with the Tactile tpv. Any reflectado will be seen by change in the Orderman.



. Retina Screen . shining Panoramic View Multi Touch of 9.7 retroiluminada inches for LED with technology IPS . Resolution of: 2.048 x 1.536 pixels to 264 pixels per inch . Oleófuga Cover antimarks.

iPad Mini

• Pantalla espectacular, funcionamiento rápido y fluido, cámaras FaceTime y iSight • Pantalla Multi-Touch retroiluminada por LED de 7,9 pulgadas (en diagonal) con tecnología IPS. • Resolución de 1.024 por 768 a 163 píxeles por pulgada (p/p) • Cubierta oleófuga antihuellas • A5 dual-core • Peso: 308 g


impresora tickets

Thermal printer

. 250 mm/sec. high printing rate . Front Entry and exit of the paper . Printing of bar codes . 120 mm of diameter of paper . Widths of paper| supported: 43 mm, 58 mm, 70 mm, 80 mm, 82 mm . Everything in one; Series, USB, and Ethernet

cajon portamonedas

Drawer 41 x 41 metallic automatic BLACK

Metallic Measured: 41 x 41 cm Connections: RJ11 Billfolds: 4 Purses: 8

Scanner of bar code

Scanner of bar code

200 explorations / second Laser scanner with support Self Sense It moves 1.2 m away from reading 32-bit Embedded ARM MCU Resistant to the scratches 30 + of 1.5 m millions of times (5FT) Connection USB

Balanzas con TPV integrado

Válida para cualquier sección • Mantenimiento fácil • Impresora / Etiquetadora inteligente La electrónica integrada en estos periféricos se comporta de manera similar a una impresora doméstica, el Sistema Operativo la detecta e instala de forma automática el controlador correspondiente. Tanto la impresora cómo la etiquetadora tienen capacidad gráfica. • 20I Touchscale: Balanza sobre mostrador doble cuerpo con impresora, Sistema Operativo. • 22ITouchscale: Balanza colgante con impresora, Sistema Operativo. • Self service: Balanza de mostrador de autoservicio con etiquetadora. HOMOLOGADO POR METROLOGIA


Scale PTI without column

Weight-price-amount scale. ▪ Approval EC of model with standard verification. ▪ Casing in ABS. ▪ Dish in stainless steel. ▪ Dimensions of the dish: 355 x 245 mm. ▪ Double screen, in the face|side of the buyer and of the salesman. ▪ 2 different versions: 1. Without column (Ref. PTI1530); 2. With column (Ref. PTI1530C). ▪ Display with retroiluminación propanable. ▪ bubble Level. ▪ 32 PLU’s Directos and 999 PLU’s Indirectos (memories). ▪ rechargeable internal Battery

Scanner of fingerprint

Scanner of fingerprint

. Security for the computer, software and the information network. . Allows the control of the staff. . Fast and perfect authentication thanks to its excellent Algorithm. . Robust Reader|Scanner that guarantees its long life . Available Connections: USB and parallel

Metrologic SP5500

• Terminal compacto para la recopilación de datos. Diseñado para el uso diario en procesos tales como inventario/control común, hipping/receiving y demás. • Dispone de lector de código de barras. Pantalla de fácil vista para diferentes tipos de usuarios y ambientes. • Las mismas funciones que tienen dispositivos semejantes, ahora en forma más ligera y fácil de usar. • La misma base tiene las dos opciones, solamente cambiando cables. • La batería cargada totalmente dura 100 horas aproximadamente.



. Device of identification of user for proximity. . Ideal for fixed POS in restaurants / bars



Why Cashlogy? Cash is still, today, the preferred method of payment. However, their management is uncertain. Cashlogy is the new point-of-sale cash payment technology that automates all cash management processes and simplifies their handling. Security From 1 cent. Up to 2 euros. From 5 euros to 500. Optical and magnetic sensors. Control Cashlogy helps you to always balance your accounts. For more information, visit cashlogy.techni-web.es


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