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Software for the management of companies

The software that your company needs if it has its own production.
It’s a flexible and easy to use tool that will help you manage your company more efficiently.
The software adapts to the characteristics of each company on the production level and the customers level when it is necessary to establish specific bases for each of them.
Also, it gives the possibility to manage the company in a way such that the software helps to control production and edit it in real time.
It will help you plan your production, adjust your purchase and control products at any time.

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GesDit / RestaWeb

Software for trades and hotel business

Gesdit is the generic name for all Techni-Web applications for retail businesses of all sectors. The range of Techni-Web tactile and management solutions for retail businesses go from simple cash point machines control through tactile module to complete management of various shops, stores, counters and different business units, under the same direction or under different systems: multiple companies, chains, franchise groups…
The solution of tactile POS and software of management for his business.

Complements of the software:
The customer is asked it from a iPad, POS…
Creating or modifying an order from a terminal of hand.
Application in PDA for management of presale, selfsale and management of payments.
Stock control and invoicing of hotel, sales management.

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