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Software of Management for hairdressing

Gesdit is the generic name for all Techni-Web applications for retail businesses of all sectors. The range of Techni-Web tactile and management solutions for retail businesses go from simple cash point machines control through tactile module to complete management of various shops, stores, counters and different business units, under the same direction or under different systems: multiple companies, chains, franchise groups..


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Zone of Terminal of Point of Sale (POS)

Easy, fast, and an intuitive user interface, completely customized for each business type.
• Presentation of articles with images on high resolution screens, sorted the optimum and personalized way for cash point machines users and administrators. Manage screen elements rapidly and through images.
• Barcode identification for articles, manual reference, click on images on screen… continuous monitoring of the store state in accordance with real time sales.
Control from the sales terminal the customers’ state, debts, stores, accumulated invoicing, shipments and delivery notes situation…
Modify sales prices instantly, apply discounts, combine articles, rate per seasons, dates, day hours… perform all operations that you realize mentally rapidly and easily with clicks.
Control sales with exactitude: make no price randomly, apply various barcodes per label, know who sold what.
• Totals of sales: multicurrency program, multiform payments, book of tickets, promissory note… make a sale, let it in delay, charge one part now and the rest on terms, by credit, in test deposit …

Zone of Management Software

Control all movements of your company management: sales and purchase invoices, orders, delivery notes, warehouses, book keeping, invoicing channels.

• Get to know all details about your customers and providers through their detailed files in Gesdit Retailer.

• Get an exact tracking of charges managements and the payment terms for providers and cash for customers. Create remittances in the official formats with the forms included in the program.

• Use more than 700 reports and statistics included for the moment to know, diagnose and analyze your company’s and businesses functioning. If you don’t find the report you need, request it for one of our dealers and we will design it for you.

• Get to know at any time the origin and destination of all articles acquired by lots. Use Gesdit Retailer and forget about part of the implementation process of an ISO by maintaining tracking over all articles.

• Assign to each user functions you consider suitable, restrict operations, control box apertures and money movements, as well as entrance and departure hours.

• He attributes easy and exactly the commissions of sales and services of her employees with the different systems that to her suggests the program. Control the hours of exit and entry of the staff with the scanners of fingerprint.

• Trust a software destined for screens that resist the humidity, the powder, the abrasive chemical products and are of easy cleaning.

• Know the proportions exact of products that are used in every service, the details of every customer, its record, the particular indications, the special tariffs… everything from the screen of the terminal of the point of sale (POS) and while the service is carried out. Do not leave any formula at random and eliminate the errors of interpretation.

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