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Software of Management for restaurants

Restaweb is Techni-Web’s award winning application for restaurant management. A tactile POS restaurant program It was rewarded by AMER (Asociación Madrileña de Empresarios de la Restauración) as the best Software for restaurant management during its Technological Innovation Days. Since its launching, it has gained a lot in ease of use and applications thanks to the personalized attention we pay to all our customers.

Modifications periodically introduced to the application increased its customization level, making it possible to build for all and each one of our customers a custom solution that makes the application adapt perfectly to the user’s methodology, and not the opposite.

Restaweb offers you a tactile solution with a quick and modern usage to coordinate operations in the dining room and the kitchen and the administrative management of your establishment.

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POS tactile intuitive, attractive, and easy to use cash point machine, configurable to various languages for personalized use.

• Enables different levels of usage: as a waiter, as a master, as a manager… all from the same terminal or working simultaneously.

Restaurant POS program that controls the staff presence even remotely, annotate problems, internal consumptions and charges them to the warehouse.

• Edits bills in the customers’ language, and allows establishing invoices for companies and the no-ticket direct sale establishments like bars or cafés.

• Totally compatible with wireless tools like Pocket Pc on Mi Comanda or Web pads de 12” to take orders in the table and pass them to the kitchen rapidly.

• Controllable 100% from outside the establishment: home, head office, on travel…

• Enables coordination and consolidation of various business units, and the management of multiple different businesses, even those sharing warehouses, staff, providers…

Easy to configure, imposes no restrictions while presenting articles on screen: the order is established by the user, who may show or hide, configure or modify articles for sale being on service, including from hand terminals, or just in-situ in the table while taking an order.

• Manages, cost accounting even for articles with different size and presentations, configures technical forms, saves attached files, manages minimal stock alerts, generates automatic purchase orders, activates and deactivates rates depending on regions and seasons…

With all these features you will get:

• A public image for your establishment which isinnovative, and, where there is no place for uproars, doubts, mistakes and hurry, as all information can be accessed by all through tactile, in a clear and diaphanous way.

Reducing staff movements and making communication fluid, you will diminish table rotation time considerably, especially in maximum occupation moments.

Invoice what you really sell with store not being let to chance.

Control users’ statistics articles, hour strips, zones and business units.

• Determine profitableness of your articles, users, hour strips, zones and business units.

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Catalog software restaurant Software Demonstration video